Campus Pulse

New OCCR Campus Pulse Video

“What is your major of study and will the career path you have chosen involve any changes in your average lifestyle in the near future?”

Interviewer: Ted Swartz

Camera Ops: Izzy Dennis


This was an in class assignment to test our knowledge on creating an interview video. We went out with only our camera and tripod to record multiple students throughout campus, how their career path will affect their lifestyle. At first the experience was a little bewildering as we had never gone and done such a thing, however, I am glad we had the chance to do so.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was finding the right people to interview. Many people wished not to be interviewed but this didn’t falter us. We scoured the campus until we found people who were willing to be interviewed. This made the journey a little longer than expected. It was worth the wait however as we got some interesting feedback from our different interviewees.

Overall, the experience was worthwhile as me and my partner got to go out into the world and experience photojournalism first hand. This experience also taught me how to interact with people and how to communicate with effectiveness and ease.


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