About me

My name is Ted Swartz. I am currently enrolled in Owens Community College for Broadcast Media Technology. I will be attending to receive my associates Degree and possibly pursue a higher education at another university.

I am attending college so that I may pursue my goals of becoming a cinematographer. I am Adobe Certified in Premiere Pro and have worked in the Visual/Audio Field for around 3 years. I have assisted in putting together productions such as the 2016 Kaleidoscope created by the Toledo School of the Arts performed at the Valentine
Theatre. I have also assisted in recording board meetings for the officials of Penta Career Center. I am well trained in the Broadcast Media field thanks to my 3 years of schooling from penta career center. I have also visited both channel eleven and thirteen, taken a tour, and experienced a live newscast as well as practiced various live newscasts that were broadcasted to the entire school.

My hobbies include playing instruments, listening to music and creating videos. I enjoy the outdoors and taking photographs of nature and animals. I mostly enjoy taking pictures of sunsets and the occasional mysteries that I can find floating through the sky.



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