First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


As a whole, The first amendment is truly one of the most important constitutional law in  american society today. It symbolizes the ability for us as a united nation to come together and freely exercise our our rights under the constitutional law.


This amendment separates us from other countries where freedom is only a sliver of hope shrouded by hate and religious persecution. This being said, The freedom of our natural rights as a citizen of the united states is what allows us to view the different beliefs that other countries possess and follow religiously.


The first amendment is especially important to people in the fields of Photojournalism as it allows them to portray their news with purpose and detail. This allows the reader to truly experience the story that the journalist has written. The amendment allows the journalist to capture the story from their point of view while giving the public the full  truthful story. It also allows the journalists to capture the raw emotion that is only presented within the moment. Photojournalists are given the right under the amendment to capture the power and message that can not be given in a simple news story. The first amendment also protects the rights of photojournalists to get as close as they are physically allowed while still providing the necessary information on various situations. It also allows the journalist an opportunity to cover live events and write the story for the the crowd that it most interests.


While the first amendment allows journalists to give people the full story of an event, it also allows for the freedom of religion to be practiced by anyone and everyone who desires, with guidelines that do prohibit any wrongful practices that could potentially cause turmoil within a community. This is a very important role that the first amendment plays as many everyday lives are heavily affected by various religions and their practices.


With the first amendment, we as a nation are able to share and spread data throughout our entire country effectively and truthfully. This makes america a prime competitor in the media world that is ever expanding. In this day and age, the media has become a major part of the everyday lives of almost every civilization. The first amendment protects the rights of not only photojournalists, but the rights of everyone under the constitution. While this amendment gives people their key rights and freedoms, it has been abused by people who misinterpret the rights that it gives. This misinterpretation has caused issues in today’s ever changing world as we are opened to new possibilities that do not pertain to the rules of the first amendment. In these cases, the first amendment should always be followed however if it contradicts the amendment then it reasonably should not be allowed to exist at all under our constitution.


The first amendment is the most important amendment to be created and held under the constitution since its creation. It gives us the freedom to practice our religions as well as allowing us the right of free speech.



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